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One of the qualities I adore in others is their creativity, whether this reflects in how they present themselves to the world in fashion, jewelry, exquisite art, arts and crafts, fine literature; in the mosaic of life; in the ways we all communicate who we are – how we see the world around us . Each a unique fingerprint weaving a cultural tapestry of the whole.

The Christmas season illuminates so much of the creative spirit in my mind’s eye. Love, compassion, tolerance, and the spirit of giving is humanity’s greatest muse in contrast to humanity’s preoccupation with control, conflict, and war. Love has been my fondest muse.

A world without love would be a meaningless existence. Art has always held a fond space in my heart, speaking to us through symbol and metaphor and the abstract. Music heals the spirit, and there is nothing in this world like listening to music with a loved one to bring our heart’s closer together as one.

The past few days I have been rushing to wrap up a few personalized gifts - more of the variety of arts and crafts, and the like. I enjoy the unique and personalized gifts over the random commercial sort.

I also enjoy seeking out unique shops online for those gifts you would not expect, and while this year my budget is on a budget, I wanted to share with you a few unique shopping experiences. Modish is a wonderful shopping experience, full of unique art, jewelry, and arts and crafts created by artists of varying mediums.

You can visit this eclectic space at

I also have come to appreciate the jewelry creations of Another favorite Christmas website of mine this year is Hoping you have as much fun as I had. Cheers.

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