After School Snack Rut

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

There is nothing like starving children barreling into the house after a long day at school. It makes moms like me hop up and quickly start dishing out platters of healthy stuff before they get their hands on all the junk food. I try to meet them in the kitchen shooting down whining requests for fully processed snacks but sometimes, we are just bored with the same ole same ole. Fortunately this morning I was watching tvbydirect and one of my favorite food shows dished out some great tips for thinking out of the box for after school snacks. No more peanut butter and Jellies for a while for my kids. I’m having way to much fun making creatures out of sliced veggies and homemade hummus. Plus it’s just fun to have the kids look at me like I need to get a life but they are trying things they never would have otherwise. Thank you Food Network. I suppose the jokes on them because most of my ingredients are prepared ahead of time and it’s so easy to whip out and throw together.

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Business Degree

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

My brother is about to graduate from college with a degree in business. Most of the rest of the people in our family are in the medical field and have little knowledge about what it takes to run a business. My dad recently retired and decided that he wants to open a small business to give him something to do in his free time. He asked my bother for advice on what to do first and how to get started. My brother told him about getting his business license and taking care of all of the legal stuff. He also told him about going to to set up phone and internet for his business. It can also help create a website for his new company. My dad is so glad that my brother has a business degree so he can walk him through starting a new business. I think that my brother is also enjoying the fact that he knows more about something than my dad does. I also think this is going to be a good project for them to work on together.

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Antiques Roadshow

Authored by Greg Fletcher

One of those shows that I never thought in one million and a half years that I would like is Antiques Roadshow. I remember when my parents used to tune to that show when we were watching television and I would roll my eyes and stomp out of the room like the perfectly sullen teenager that I was. These days I actually get pumped when I see that show is coming on. I have gotten to where I like to go shopping in little antique stores all around the city and so now watching these beloved old items on television seems like a fun idea to me. They show travels around to different cities holding antique shows and auctions and you can bring in your items for the experts on the show to estimate their value. It is really exciting when someone says that they purchased something at a garage sale or inherited from their grandmother and the item turns out to be worth thousands of dollars. I secretly hope I can find an item like that one day. Check out what direct tv deals you can get online and you can watch Antiques Roadshow too.

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Moving to Our New Home

Last year the family and I moved clear across the country from the east to Calgary, Alberta in western Canada. Having reliable Internet service helped my partner and I search for employment and housing opportunities online before we moved west. For our housing needs we searched through an online data base of rental homes posted at Rent Calgary.

Before we had Internet service, it wasn’t as easy to search for rentals in another province, but with online rental agencies, such as, we were able to find a home before we moved. Moreover, the rental website included pictures of units for rent; thus, my hubby and I were able to choose which homes we liked and which ones we didn’t like based on the information and photos posted on the website.

Now we live in an affordable, friendly neighborhood just outside of Calgary, Alberta. My family and I just adore our new home and lifestyle since we moved west.

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