January Cancer Full Moon

If you follow astrological movements in the sky, this is an interesting first Full Moon of the year; the Moon falls in the sign of Cancer, while the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. January 10, 2009 is a Cancer Full Moon symbolizing home and family.

Exactly on the Full Moon, the planet of Mercury goes retrograde as well. When Mercury goes retro, it is usually a good time to clean out our drawers and closets (literally and mentally/emotionally), while assuring our technology and communications will work as efficiently as possible during its travel backwards until Mercury begins to travel forward once again.

What this essentially means to me is I am going to continue to de-clutter my clutter at home, and continue to feng shui my office!

With Cancer and Mercury joined to this Full Moon, I have a feeling home is where the heart is right about now. I will try to make it as nurturing and warm as possible as we continue to be confronted with Mercury emphasizing the cleaning out of our collective pasts (hidden and physical closets).

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