Coffee Skin Cure Ideas

When it comes to skin care, coffee is a choice ingredient these days ever since it’s been established those little beans are good for us. You may have even seen beauty products on the store shelves containing java beans this past spring. You can blend together your own natural recipes straight from home and it is cost effective. Moreover, if it’s a self-tanning lotion you’re looking for you can even concoct your own lotion at home.

Other recipes you can make yourself with the bean are coffee grind scrubs, skin tints, coffee moisturizers and cellulite wraps. Coffee beans are very effective on cellulite treatment and ridding of varicose veins. Combine some coffee grinds with some egg white for skin exfoliation. Apply the scrub all over before applying your sunless tanner to the skin for a streak-less application and smooth skin.

Another application is to brew a pot of coffee and allow it cool before pouring the cooled coffee all over your skin for a darker skin tint - naturally. Leave it there for about one half-hour and then rinse.
Moreover, a recipe of brewed coffee beans mixed with olive oil (or oil of choice) along with coconut milk makes a natural yet effective oil-based suntan product. If you add more coconut milk than oil you’ll end up with a creamier based lotion rather than the tanning oil variation. I simply purchase a can of coconut milk at any grocery store. I find it gives you an overall darker tan, and also prepares and protects your skin from skin damage and possible skin cancers. This tanning product won’t guard you from the sun’s UV rays so applying an SPF base is recommended.

Now, for those seeking an effective cellulite treatment, especially in the spring season before summer, the java bean is a good friend. On average, a cellulite wrap offered at spas range from $70-$210. However, at home you can give yourself a series of treatments, which will work better on ridding the winter toxin buildup in the skin that so many women are prone to. These are the recipes I’m using:

Coffee Scrub

First, a simple recipe of coffee beans, brown sugar, olive oil, a few drops of almond oil and, if you like, a dash of chocolate into the blend makes a delicious and powerful scrub. Rub this all over in the shower and rinse off for smooth and revived skin, a cellulite treatment and exfoliation of the skin all wrapped into one scrub. Plus, you can rub this scrub in and leave it on for up to one hour for an alternative method of tinting the skin.

Coffee Wrap Treatment

If you’re needing that extra cellulite treatment which works deeper and more intensively into your toxin buildup than it is very simple and easy to use the coffee scrub already mentioned, but add a bit more oil to it and wrap yourself firmly in traditional cloth wraps (if you have found them in stores) while remaining in a warm location. It is also possible to warm blankets or towels and add drops of aroma therapy for a very aromatic and heating/thermal wrap experience.

The simple wrapping of saran wrap also proves effective for a thermal experience. Saran wrap likely is the most used home product for wraps. Similarly, wrap yourself in blankets or towels after you’ve applied the saran wrap in the targeted cellulite zones. Better yet, jump in your sauna or similar space if you’re lucky to be around those warm units while you’re wrapping. Do at least one to two wraps for light cellulite and up to a series of 6-8 wraps for problem cellulite areas. Reducing cellulite is not only a cosmetic concern, but a good health preventative in the detoxification process.
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