All nighter study tips for this semester

Guest post written by Nina Eckerson

Last semester I pulled some all nighters to study for a few of my exams last semester and I might as well not even done that because I don't think that it really made any difference than if I had gone to sleep without studying. But I'm going to be a little wiser about that this semester so that my effort actually pays off. I'm really hoping that I won't have to pull all nighters because I'll have done a good amount of studying beforehand, but I'm going to be better prepared for it just in case.

While I was home for the holidays I looked up some study tips with my Clear TV Bundle and plan on applying them to my study habits this semester at school.

One of the all nighter study tips that I found is that what really counts the most is the sleep that you get not the night before the test, but the night before that. So I'm going to concentrate on doing that more.

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