Fashion Advice From a 4-Year-Old

My four-year-old daughter is quite the fashion maven. Today, she has chosen a white dress with pink, green and blue polka dots. She has paired her dress with white-laced tights with the feet torn out, and her choice for shoes is her bright-red slippers.

Although it may seem she merely walked into her closet and came out with whatever she could find, this is not the case. She has very clear reasons for why she chose everything she put on. Her dress she chose because she likes it. She does not care that it is two-years old and not in style. She likes it, so she is wearing it. Her tights she chose because the lace is very pretty, but they are much more comfortable without the feet. And the shoes? Well, those she chose because they are red and white. Who can argue with that logic?

I propose we dress with the logic of my four-year-old - no more changing our wardrobes every two weeks to keep up with the latest trends. If we like something, we should wear it. We should choose clothes we find pretty and make us smile. We should never sacrifice comfort. Shoes would be worn just because we like the colors, or because they sparkle and light up. Light-up, sparkly shoes are intensely cool.

These ideas may not get you on the front row of a fashion show, but they sure will make you smile - run faster - and jump higher.

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