Loving Las Vegas in the Winter

This guest post from Lewis Beck

I'm a huge fan of traveling. I love to see new things and enjoy various means of entertainment. During the winter, I enjoy going to Las Vegas, Nevada. My friends and I always joke that our trips to Vegas are somewhat like the movie The Hangover, except the female version. So, I gather the girls up and we make plans for our exciting trip to Las Vegas. Before leaving for my trip, I always set my home security alarm from http://www.allhomesecurity.com. Then we are ready to begin our adventurous journey.

Part of the reason I love going to Las Vegas during the winter time is because the hotels in the area have amazing and affordable deals. Plus, my friends and I never run out of things to do in Vegas. We always visit the Las Vegas strip which is full of interesting sights and entertainment. We have also been to several nightclubs including the popular Tryst nightclub. My favorite activity in Vegas was stopping by the MGM Grand Las Vegas. While there, we were able to solve our very own CSI crime. I'm a huge CSI fan so that absolutely made my day. After that, we stopped at Andre's French Restaurant and enjoyed delicious food along with fine wine. Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a fun time with your friends. I had a blast!

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