Wearing White to a Wedding?!

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

While checking my favorite celebrity gossip blogs today, I ran across something that caught my interest. As almost everyone who follows celebrity blogsknows, Kim Kardashian got married. While we are going to have to wait to watch the wedding special, pictures of guests going to the event have already surfaced. I couldn’t believe what Lindsey Lohan had on—white!! I still can’t believe it. She was wearing a long, white gown! As long as I can remember, wearing white to a wedding has been a huge no-no. Unless you are a bridesmaid and the bride tells you to wear white or ivory, you should never show up to a wedding wearing the color of the bride. I cannot help but wonder if Lindsey wore white to upstage the bride and simply draw attention to herself. Surely, she should have known that white is breaking the rules of dress for a wedding. I am interested to hear what Kim has to say about this. I need to log-on directstartv.com so that I can catch the wedding special that is going to air in the next couple of months.

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