All-Natural Revitalizing Facial Mask

I wanted to create a natural recipe which targeted my specific facial needs. I whipped together an all natural facial mask from kitchen ingredients. It works as a clarifying and toning mask ridding of uneven tonalities in the skin, plus as a peeling mask and moisturizing mask due to the yoghurt, milk and honey ingredients. The cherry and lemon ingredients act as a toner and astringent, evening out skin tone. They are also powerful antioxidants. Plenty of money is saved rubbing vitamin C on your face rather than purchasing those Vitamin C gel caps sold by the beauty industry. I've paid anywhere of $50-60 for a 30-day supply of those little gems.

Facial Mask Recipe:
2 tbsp yoghurt
A dash of milk
1 tbsp of honey
A wedge of lemon
1 tbsp of virgin olive oil

Yoghurt balances ph levels in the skin nicely, especially if using an ingredient like lemon, or anything acidic, including aspirin. It is also packed with wonderful enzymes. Additionally, I use (cherry) natural yoghurt, not plain yoghurt, because cherries have deep toning properties different from lemons, limes, tomato and so on.

Adding 4-5 caplets of aspirin will change this mask into a mini-dermal abrasion mask revealing a newer layer of fresh skin which is brighter, cleaner and smoother.

Additionally, this mask goes on clear (and very moist like a moisture pack) and dries firm onto your face, like a peel-off mask. It truly tightens the skin yet moisturizes to totally revitalize dull and tired skin.

Because the consistency can change with ingredients each time it is made, you can also add a gel basis to it for a peel-off mask. Adding some aloe gel, or gelatin, will make certain it can be peeled off. Peel-off masks clean deeper and remove dirt, dead skin cells and even unwanted fine hairs from the face.

Make sure to cleanse and use a facial scrub before you begin the facial mask portion of your beauty regime. The most simple and basic natural facial scrub is a little water or oil with brown sugar dissolved into it. After cleaning and a facial sloughing, I squeeze the remaining lemon from the lemon wedge over the t-zone of my face. It stings and tightens immediately.

After the mask is washed gently away, or peeled, I use natural vitamin E from my supplement bottles and add the oil onto my face -- then I add a moisturizer to complete my home-made facial experience.

Photos: Courtesy of Canyon Ranch Spa Club, Yuan Spa and Sanctuary Spa
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