Where can I volunteer in my area?

Guest post from: Kent Lara

Every year around this time when the holidays are fast approaching and everyone is rushing around shopping and eating and going to parties I always start to think of those people who are less fortunate than myself. The ones who are living outside in the cold and rain or the ones who can’t afford to feed themselves and their children so they have to choose who gets to eat that night. I always get in the spirit to volunteer my time around Christmas and so I of course take to the internet to check out some volunteer opportunities. I went to satellitestarinternet.com first to get set up with my internet connection so that I can get on the world wide web and check out what places in my area are in need of volunteers. There are not too many good web sites to find this kind of information but I have found that if you check out your local church web sites they can usually direct you to some good places to serve your time.

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