After School Snack Rut

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

There is nothing like starving children barreling into the house after a long day at school. It makes moms like me hop up and quickly start dishing out platters of healthy stuff before they get their hands on all the junk food. I try to meet them in the kitchen shooting down whining requests for fully processed snacks but sometimes, we are just bored with the same ole same ole. Fortunately this morning I was watching tvbydirect and one of my favorite food shows dished out some great tips for thinking out of the box for after school snacks. No more peanut butter and Jellies for a while for my kids. I’m having way to much fun making creatures out of sliced veggies and homemade hummus. Plus it’s just fun to have the kids look at me like I need to get a life but they are trying things they never would have otherwise. Thank you Food Network. I suppose the jokes on them because most of my ingredients are prepared ahead of time and it’s so easy to whip out and throw together.

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