My Split Hair Personality

My hair is a house divided. It has two distinct personalities, and the civil war between my hair follicles had driven me to the point of exhaustion. It has also helped create my signature style, the eternal ponytail.

The right side of my hair is full, thick and naturally wavy; the left side is completely straight, lifeless and dull. When I was younger, I tried to get permanents in my hair. There were several reasons I did this, not the least of which being the fact that it was the cool thing to do. I would sit for hours at the salon, getting nauseated at the stench of perm solution, only to walk out with half a head of beautiful curls. Home remedies did not work either. No matter how much styling product I piled onto my hair, the curls would not stay. This drove me nuts, but the funny thing is that it completely infuriated my sister-in-law. Although this was several years ago, she still gets worked up at the memory of my hair. I am not exactly sure why it bugged her so much, but I can tell you that my hair produced much profanity from her lips.

Anyway, I tried to cut my hair super short once, thinking I could rock a boy cut and no one would ever see the dysfunction within my hair family legacy. Two words can describe the endeavor: epic failure. When cut short, the curls on my right side stood straight out, while the left side clung to my head for dear life. I looked ridiculous.

And so now I just go with the ponytail. I pull it back and ignore it. Some may call it sloppy or boring, but I prefer to go with shabby chic look.

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