Antiques Roadshow

Authored by Greg Fletcher

One of those shows that I never thought in one million and a half years that I would like is Antiques Roadshow. I remember when my parents used to tune to that show when we were watching television and I would roll my eyes and stomp out of the room like the perfectly sullen teenager that I was. These days I actually get pumped when I see that show is coming on. I have gotten to where I like to go shopping in little antique stores all around the city and so now watching these beloved old items on television seems like a fun idea to me. They show travels around to different cities holding antique shows and auctions and you can bring in your items for the experts on the show to estimate their value. It is really exciting when someone says that they purchased something at a garage sale or inherited from their grandmother and the item turns out to be worth thousands of dollars. I secretly hope I can find an item like that one day. Check out what direct tv deals you can get online and you can watch Antiques Roadshow too.

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